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NEW S60 3rd And S60V5 - Nokia Symbian Hack Method (Fully Working 100%)by Ahmad Shahrukh
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Frend its new and 100% working haCK METH0D BY AHMAD SHAHRUKH.This method fully works on all Symbian 9.1,9.2 & 9.4 devices including Nokia N73, N95, N96, N78, N79, N82, X6, Nokia 5800, N97, 5530, Sony Ericsson Satio, Samsung HD 8910i and many more Symbian devices...
Please Note this tutorial is for Dummies who don't know"How To Sign" an "Unsigned" application.
Q1) What is an "Unsigned" file (.sisx or .sis) ?
Answer: An "Unsigned" [.sis or.sisx] file is an application which needs to be 'Signed' before installing into your mobile (otherwise it will give"Certificate Error").
Q2) Is that easy to "Sign" an"Unsigned" file ?
Answer: Absolutely very easy, and Free of Cost. Simply you need is little bit of patience and time. Simply follow the guide below and you can Install any application for symbian Free of Cost.
Step 1:Getting The Certificate
First you need to goto followingurl:http://cer.s603rd.cn/(Website is in complete Chinese Language so look at Screenshot below).

Enter your Phones 16 Digit IMEI number and enter whatever the security code appears to you on the rightside, and Click the Button.
Now you will have to wait 24-48 Hours and allow the website prepare your certificatein this time.
After 24-48 Hours come back to this site again
After 24-48 Hours come back to this site againhttp://cer.s603rd.cn/and enter your IMEI number and security code and press button just like you did last time. Now you will see Three Links (in Chinese Language):
Once you see this Links (as shown in screenshot above) than click it, you will be able to download your Certificate.
Important: Download
SignSIS Tool 2.2from Here --->Download SignSis 2.2
Now save and Extract both files (Certificate file and SignSIS) file in one folder (see image above)

This is your .cer and .key file. (save these in a safe place for Future use... you will need .cer file everytime you "Sign" and"unsigned" application.
Move on to step 2:
Step 2: Sign your (unsigned.sis) file with SignSIS 2.2 Tool.
(If Already not) download the SignSIS Tool 2.2 from this link:
a) Important: Always Rememberto run SignSIS tool as an Administrator (Windows 7 or Vista). (See image below).

b) Important: If required changethe Language to English. Close and Re-Run the application. (Seeimage below).

c) ** Very Important: Make sure all your three files .cer, signsis tool & .sis are located in Same Folder, otherwise you will get an error. (See image below)

d) Now Select both ".cer" file and the "unsigned.sis" file which you want to crack. And click Sign Button. (See image below)

d) Congratulations! You have just Signed *cracked* your Unsigned application.

Some Softwares In use for Mobile Hacking
A.r0se 2
DOWNLOAD installserver.exe
Hellox Hacking.sisx
Cert Hack Installer
Cert Updater
S^3 FileManager
Pc sign tools_v2.2.zip
DOWNLOAD HelloCarbide.sisx
Symbian^3 Hacking Kit
FreeUnRAR.v1.01 S60v3&v5 Signed
A.r0se 1
Now simply install the newly Generated Signed .sis file on your Mobile Device :) Remember: To repeat same method using SignSIS Tool to"sign" (crack) an "Unsigned" application.
Wolla! you have done it. ENJOY BY AHMAD SHAHRUKH
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